Saturday, 1 December 2012

please back to my life :(

i really need you on my life , please be yourself again :( im here always with you , say if im in wrong ! say what you want ? im here for you , im promise that i will make you smile again :)
im sorry if i do it wrong >< im know my fault ;( but dont leave me ,im just have cry alott when you said that :( i relly miss the moment with you ~ you always on my side what matter happen ;( now where are you ?
im sorry if i cant be a perfect for you ;( but , i will try my best , i promise ! i know i cant be her , that only can be your princess , im want to be your princess , not her ><
here , i just want to say , please back to me ;( i really need you , i really miss you , i really want you say this word again ------>
im here wait you till you call me again :( you promised that !!!

Friday, 23 November 2012


you promise me something ---> u told me something that i was like it so much <3 u said ,
and now you take care of me , never ignoring me , i just wanna say ,
i here always think about you ever we are far>< i think i have something fell ----> that is
what i just want u know , i love you hubby :) i hate when this happen in our ship :(
if i have a wish , i want be with you forever :) for the rest of my life :)
i just want to say ------> i need you , i miss you and the most ,
nurul nadzirah abdul manan and shahrizal hafiz shah peri :)

Thursday, 22 November 2012

heee , SUMPAH MISS DYE  :( na balik na balik , na jumpe dye ! mane dye ? rindu sgtt kat dye :( eishhh , why lahh kne jauhh ? ta faham aku >< aku tana jauh nan dye , na dye selalu kat sisi aku , teman aku :P awwwww ~ tape , walaupun dye jauhh , aku stiill igad cakap dye , WALAUPUN PAPA JAUH TAPI MAMA AKAN RASE DEKAT BILE PAPA SENTIAASE ADE KAT HATI MAMA :) hubby , i miss u alott >< sangatt nihh :( aku selalu tgk bintang bile rindu dye :( i wish you were here :)

i miss you hubby :(

HEYY , i miss him a lott :( soryy i tinggalkan you kat sane :( i promise i akan sentiase igad you kat sini okuyy , i akan selalu rindu you kat sini :) one second pon tak lupe . but one thing jea i takott , i takut you lupe i , you ta rindu i and the most SAYANG you kat i hilang :( i hope you ta lupe i katt sini , u jangan curang tauu :) i percaye kat you nihh :) PAPA SENTIASE ADE KAT HATI MAMA :) awwwwww ~ i na you tau syang i sygg sgatt kat you , cinte sgatt kat you :) mama sygg papa <3